Best Car Battery Philippines: Don’t Waste Money On Brands Not Listed Here

Best Car Battery Philippines: Don’t Waste Money On Brands Not Listed Here

April 27, 2021 0 By onroadtips

If your car battery dies, your car won’t start, let alone run. On the other hand, if your car battery is low quality, it will wear out faster and affect the performance of your car. With that in mind, you need to buy the best car battery Philippines and we will help you do just that.

Types of car batteries

Based on technology, there are two main types of car batteries.

Lead-acid battery

This is the most widely used type of battery in the car industry and it’s quite cheap. Using a lead-acid battery, you have to top off the water in the electrolyte solution periodically as it is the power source. Lead-acid batteries have some sub-types including:

  • Enhanced Flooded Battery (EFB) offers the best cycling capability and charging rate of all the types for Modern high-drain systems.
  • Maintenance-free batteries do not require you to top off the water at all. It often comes with a clear top container to monitor its health.
  • Low-maintenance batteries have a valve cap and it’s maintained with distilled water added to the cells.
  • Standard flooded batteries are the most common type of all whose cells are soaked in the electrolyte solution.
car battery
Lead-acid batteries are cheaper but AGM ones are better

AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat)

This type of car batteries is more advanced than the conventional lead-acid type, offering smart features and outstanding abilities. It relies on absorbent glass mats containing the electrolyte closer to the plates, which help the battery better survive charging cycles as well as repeated draining than the flooded type.

In addition, AGM batteries come with smart features like electronic safety, fuel-saving stop-start system, convenience features, and power outlets for mobile devices. In terms of pricing, AGM batteries are 40% to 100% more expensive than conventional ones, but it offers better tolerance against a deep discharge and can fully recover better than other types. If you want the best car battery in the Philippines and you don’t mind spending more money, this is the type you should opt for.

Who makes the best car battery Philippines

The easiest way to find the best battery for car Philippines is by looking at the best car battery brand Philippines, which is why we will now introduce to you the top 5 battery brands in the country.


This is one of the most famous battery brands in the Philippines with competitive prices along with longevity and great performance. The best features of batteries from this brand include high heat technology that allows the battery to survive in the hot climate of the country. Besides, they use the Special AdvantaTP paste recipe touted to extend the battery life.

which brand is the best car battery
Amaron car battery


Quantum is a Japanese brand that’s a little bit underrated in the Philippines. It offers car batteries at affordable prices but also ensures long life and high quality.

Best Car Battery Philippines
Quantum car battery


The third best car battery brand in Philippines we would like to include in this list is another Japanese name. Apart from the good quality it delivers, this brand offers 15 months of warranty for its car batteries along with friendly price tags.

Best Car Battery Philippines
Panasonic car battery


For those looking for the best car battery brand in the Philippines, the answer can be any name we have mentioned here so far. Despite not being the biggest brand, Outlast has built a royal customer base for itself, working as a local brand selling products developed and designed by Filipinos.

Best Car Battery Philippines
Outlast car battery


If you are willing to pay more money for a car battery, you can consider this brand. The price is high but the quality stands out from competitors. Its car battery prices can be twice to even four times those of other brands.  

Best Car Battery Philippines
ACDelco car battery

How to choose the best car battery in the Philippines?

What’s the first thing to do when your battery dies? Jump-start the car!!! However, if you have tried every way to get your car to start up and nothing works, it’s most likely that you need a new battery.

On the other hand, answering the question “what is the best car battery in the Philippines” is not as important as finding the best battery for your own car since the best product on the market may not be the best for you. Therefore, Onroadtips will show you the most important factors to take into account when shopping for a car battery.

  • Size: pick a battery that fits your car’s battery tray regarding width, length, and height.
  • Freshness: the longer a battery sits on the shelf, the weaker it gets, so you’d better check the manufacturing date of each product.
  • Maintenance: there are low-maintenance and maintenance-free batteries, and you can choose the type suitable for you. But keep in mind that even the maintenance-free type requires occasional check-ups too.
  • Warranty: remember to check the warranty period and opt for the longest one.
  • Power requirement: this factor is indicated as Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) or the ability to get a vehicle to start at 0 degrees F. As a rule of thumb, the more CCA, the better.
  • Temperature and humidity: as the climate in the Philippines is quite hot, you should go with a car battery that can withstand these conditions or its components will wear out more quickly.
  • Budget: estimate the highest amount you can pay for a car battery and narrow down your options based on this factor, it can help you choose faster from countless products on the market.
best car battery charger brand
Which car battery charger is best?

Which car battery charger is best?

After choosing the top car battery Philippines, you need best car battery charger Philippines to pair with it. Here are our top 3 chargers.

Battery Tender Plus

This is overall the best charger you can find on the market right now. This charger is compatible with both lead-acid and AGM car batteries.

As an automatic charger, it shuts down itself when charging is complete, which helps avoid overcharging. Additionally, it comes with a float battery maintainer mode to keep 100% power if it’s not in use.

It also protects your battery’s health very well with 1.25 amps of power, not to mention the ease and safety in connecting and disconnecting.

NOCO Genius1

This charger is the perfect combination of reliability and affordability, making it one of the best-selling charger out there. It works with all types of batteries and has a trickle charge feature keeping your car battery charged in a long time of inactivity. Best of all, it has sensors that measure the temperature and accordingly change its 1-amp charge.

On top of that, it overcomes a big problem with all automatic battery charger: refilling a completely dead battery. This is thanks to the force mode that lets it function as a manual charger.

Schumacher SC1281

If you are looking for a multi-use charger, this one can serve as an automotive charger and a jump starter for your car with charging power ranging from 2 to 30 amps. Even better, the charger is lightweight, making it highly portable for carrying around. It also has features to maintain the fully charge battery during inactivity periods.

Overall, this post has provided you with a comprehensive guide on finding the best car battery Philippines, including which brand to buy and how to make the best purchasing decision. Understanding your car is important to help you buy the perfect product, so don’t hesitate to pay extra attention.