BLOWBADGETS Meaning: 10 Vital Components To Check Before Driving

BLOWBADGETS Meaning: 10 Vital Components To Check Before Driving

May 31, 2021 0 By onroadtips

You should always check your car before you drive it anywhere, no matter what a rush you’re in, it’s for your own safety. However, what should you check exactly; as it’s obvious you cannot look at every corner of the vehicle within a short time. This is when BLOWBAGETS kick in. Are you asking yourself about the BLOWBADGETS meaning? No worries, Onroadtips will tell you right now.

The BLOWBADGETS checklist is a list of the car parts that need checking before you get on the road. Each letter in this phrase represents a component of the car with the last S representing “self” in yourself. This checklist is meant to help you make sure the car and yourself are ready to go.

B Battery

The battery is the first thing on the list of BLOWBADGETS car check. If the battery is flat or completely dead, your car won’t start. If it has little juice left, the car may die in the middle of the road. Therefore, check to see whether the battery is full, or at least, has a lot of power left. Also, ensure the terminals are clean and the cables are properly connected to the terminals. The typical car battery lasts for 3-4 years, keep that in mind and replace yours to avoid unfortunate incidents.

BLOWBADGETS meaning: Battery
BLOWBADGETS meaning: Battery

L Lights

Your car has different lights, some of which are used for lighting up the road in the dark while others are used for signaling when you want to change directions. Without the lights working well, your safety on the road is not secured.

Unfortunately, like any other part of the car, they wear out over time and can even be broken under certain situations. So, don’t forget to check the turn signals, headlights, brake lights, tail lights, and reverse lights to see if they work properly.

To do this, you can ask someone to stand behind and in front of the car as you operate the lights. You should also check for cracks, dirt, breakage, etc.

Check all the car lights
Check all the car lights

O – Oil

The next BLOWBADGETS meaning of the letter O is oil. Oil lubricates the engine components. A lack of oil causes them to wear and tear more quickly. If the oil runs out, your engine will stop working. To avoid the hazard of having your car fixed at a high cost, you should check the level and color of your oil.

If the oil level is below the minimum requirement, you need to refill it. If you think the oil level is lowering abnormally fast, check for leaks.

BLOWBADGETS meaning: oil
BLOWBADGETS meaning: Checking car oil

W – Water

You should also check the water in the radiator to make sure your engine is properly cooled down. Besides, you can keep a bottle of water in your vehicle to use when your car overheats when you are driving.

B – Brake

If your brake system fails, it can lead to serious, even fatal accidents. Therefore, checking the brake is a must before you get on the road. To do this, just push the brake pedal to the floor, there shouldn’t be any resistance.

Push the brake pedal all the way to the floor
Push the brake pedal all the way to the floor

A – Air

It’s important to maintain the proper pressure in your tires. To best check the pressure, you should use a pressure gauge. Also, look all over the tire to see if there’s a nail or other sharp object puncturing the tire.

G – Gas

G in BLOWBADGETS meaning stands for gas. No one likes their gas tank to become empty while they are on the road and nowhere near a gas station. For this reason, you must always check the gas tank to make sure you have enough gas to get where you want or decide whether to have it refilled before going.

Checking the fuel level of the car
Checking the fuel level of the car

E – Engine

The engine is what operates your entire vehicle and gets it going, so make sure it works well before you drive it. With that in mind, check for any leak that suggests an engine problem. In addition, when you start the engine, listen to the sound it produces. If you hear anything unusual like tapping, pinging, knocking, etc., you should have your car checked.

T – Tire

Worn-our tires are not good for your car, so take some time to check for bumps, bulges, tears, as well as other signs of damage on your tire. Furthermore, you should use a coin, put it in the tire’s grooves to see if it’s time to replace it.

Check the tire pressure
Check the tire pressure

S – Self

The last letter in BLOWBADGETS in driving refers to the driver themselves. As good as a car may be, accidents can totally happen if the driver does something wrong. As for this matter, before getting into the driver’s seat, make sure you are physically and mentally ready to drive a motor vehicle. If you feel tired, sick, dizzy, or not in the mood to do anything, we suggest you take a cab.

Through this post, we hope you have fully understood the BLOWBADGETS meaning. Memorizing the checklist for your car before driving out of your garage will help you ensure safety better. Remember to do this every day!