Car Battery Prices Philippines Of The Best Battery Brands

Car Battery Prices Philippines Of The Best Battery Brands

April 21, 2021 0 By onroadtips

The battery plays a crucial role in the operation of your car as it basically supplies energy for the car engine to start up and run. However, batteries degrade over time and it will come a time when you have to buy a new one. With that in mind, Onroadtips find it important for every car owner to know car battery prices Philippines.

Best car battery brands in the Philippines


This is probably the brand you see the most on the market or any e-commerce website that offers car batteries in the country. Its batteries are made in a collaboration between Amara Raja and Johson Controls Incorporated, and the company has made it to the Fortune Top 500 list. Amaron is now partnering with major carmakers like Hyundai, Suzuki, Ford, Mahindra, Tata Motors, and Honda.

If you are researching price of car battery in Philippines in order to buy one, you can just start with this brand.


Panasonic is a well-known brand from Japan, which already says a lot about its battery quality though it may not offer the lowest car battery price Philippines. The company also supplies car batteries along with other techs for Lexus, Toyota, and Subaru.

Panasonic batteries offer the quality from Japan
Panasonic batteries offer the quality from Japan


This hundred-year-old brand is from the Philippines and has stood in the industry for the longest time. Apart from being the best-selling battery brand in the country, Motolite also exports to Europe, Australia, the US, and other markets in Asia.

To view Motolite car battery prices Philippines, let’s scroll down and continue with the next part of our post.

There are a few other reputable brands that you can look at when shopping for a car battery in the Philippines.

Car battery price list Philippines

Amaron car battery prices Philippines

This brand manufactures several lines of car batteries targeted different customers with varying prices.

Amaron Pro

This is a maintenance-free car battery line, coming with 24 months of warranty.

  • Amaron Pro 125D31L (3SMF) Base Hold: ₱7,300
  • Amaron Pro 125D31 Reverse (3Smf): ₱ 7,300
  • Amaron Pro Din 60 (European): ₱ 7,100
  • Amaron Pro 100D26L (2SMF): ₱ 6,100
  • Amaron Pro 65B24LS (1SNF): ₱ 5,300

Amaron Hi-Life

Rather than a large terminal type in Amaron Pro, Amaron Hi-Life comes with a small terminal type. Batteries in this line are maintenance-free and offer 21 months of warranty.

  • Amaron Hi Life 115D31L (3SMF): ₱6,600
  • Amaron Hi Life 95D26L (2SMF): ₱5,600
  • Amaron Hi Life 95D26Reverse (2SMF): ₱5,600
  • Amaron Hi Life 85D23L (1SMF): ₱5,500
  • Amaron Hi Life 55B24LS: ₱4,700
  • Amaron Hi Life 42B20L (NS40) Base Hold: ₱4,400
Car Battery Prices Philippines
Amaron Hi-Life car batteries are relatviely cheap to buy

Amaron Go

This line offers the lowest car battery Philippines price from Amaron. Its products are also maintenance-free but come with only 17 months of warranty.

  • Amaron Go 75D26L (2SMF): ₱4,900
  • Amaron Go 46B24LS (1SNF Big Post): ₱4,400

Panasonic car battery prices Philippines

In the Filipino market, Panasonic only offers maintenance-free car batteries with 18 months of warranty.

  • Panasonic DIN 80 (LN4): ₱7,700
  • Panasonic 2SMF (85D26L): ₱5,600
  • Panasonic NS40ZL: ₱3,800

Motolite car battery prices Philippines

There are three car batteries lines to look at when buying car batteries at Motolite.

Motolite Excel

Car batteries in this line are suitable for SUVs and pickup truck, as well as other vehicles that run on diesel. They are designated for hot climates and come with 24 months of warranty.

  • Motolite Battery Excel w/ Free Delivery: ₱ 5,800.00

Motolite Gold

The Gold line batteries are highly recommended for high-performance cars from Korean, Japanese, European, and American brands. They also survive well in hot climates and feature 21 months of warranty.

  • Motolite Gold DIN66: ₱ 8,700
  • Motolite Gold 1SN / NS60: ₱ 5,650
  • Motolite Gold NS40 REVERSE: ₱ 4,950
  • Motolite Gold NS40: ₱ 4,950
Car Battery Prices Philippines
Motolite Enduro is suitable for those who want to support domestic manufacturers

Motolite Enduro

These batteries are good for city vehicles and day-to-day commute. They come with optimization for hot climates and 15 months of warranty.

  • Motolite Enduro 3SMF / N70: ₱ 6,900
  • Motolite Enduro 1SN / NS60 REVERSE: ₱ 4,350
  • Motolite Enduro NS40: ₱ 4,000

These are car battery prices Philippines for major brands in the country.

When do you need to buy a new car battery?

However, most car batteries should be replaced after 3-5 years while the exact life span depends on the climate and how it’s used.

After 3-5 years, you should replace your old battery with a new one
After 3-5 years, you should replace your old battery with a new one

A lot of factors must be taken into account when it comes to a specific case like the climate, type of trips, level of use, and corrosion. However, after 5 years, even if the battery doesn’t seem to require a replacement, you should buy a new one anyway.

On the other hand, what symptoms will scream for a replacement even if it’s not time yet? The first and most obvious sign is a slow engine crank. When this happens, you should try to jumpstart the vehicle first, and if that doesn’t work, consider buying a new battery.

The next sign to keep in mind is when the battery light on the dashboard lights up, which probably means the battery has got weak.

Overall, in terms of car battery prices Philippines, this post has introduced to you the best car battery brands in the Philippines along with the pricing of their products. In addition, you have also found information relating to when to replace your car battery, we hope the post has helped you.