7 Car Buying Tips 2022 You Should Know

7 Car Buying Tips 2022 You Should Know

July 2, 2022 0 By onroadtips

Owning a car is a dream for many people because it can cost a treasure. Therefore, anyone should consider it thoroughly before deciding and purchasing a car. Here are seven ultimate car buying tips 2022 you should know of. Let’s shop for a car!

Ultimate Car Buying Tips 2022

Clarify Your Demand

You may think, “I want a car. Is it not obvious enough?”. Well, it’s just the result of the shopping process. It would be best if you defined what you want specifically.

For example, your family has seven members. You cannot buy a small compact SUV with five seats or a sedan with four seats, right?

If your business requires delivering commodities from place to place, you need a vehicle with great cargo ability.

In other cases, when you want a flagship car to show off your wealth and level, a cheap car will never work. To sum up, it’s important to define the vital features you need from the vehicle before doing other car buying tips 2022.

List all suitable vehicles after researching the market

Check The Type Of Engine

The engine type affects the energy source that your car needs and its performance either. It’s a must to follow in the car buying tips 2022.

Nowadays, there are four choices for you: diesel, petro, hybrid, or electric vehicle. In 2022, the car market in the Philippines may witness an upward trend in electric vehicles. It’s the result of environmental care, and the cost matters.

Although owning many beneficial features, the electric vehicle loses the other options in the power output it can deliver. Hence, most off-road lovers will not choose this option in 2022.

Shop Around Patiently

The car is fast and furious, but you need to be patient and considerate when purchasing one. It’s not only about the car quality solely. It’s about the dealer also.

After making a list of your requirements, you should do market research and list all suitable vehicles. Finding a credible car review will give you an overview of them.

Then, it would help if you shopped around your town in all creditable dealers to compare their customer service and price.

Always test the cars before purchasing one

Make A Test Run

The next one in our tips for buying a car in 2022 is to test as many cars as possible. Your driving experience is worth more than any other words on the Internet.

Once defining your target vehicles, you should require the dealer to drive them a few times. The dealer will be happy with your request because it shows that you are ready to own a car. Hence, never hesitate to do so.

When doing a test run, you need to pay attention to the amenities in the car, including infotainment, adjustable seats, safety system, storage, legroom, headroom, and interior materials.

Next, check the driving experience. Is it smooth? Is it soundproofing? Is it easy to control and handle? If it’s a “yes” to the three questions above, you should put this car on the top of your list.

Fuel consumption is a factor you can test when driving. The manual book from carmakers also supplies this information, but you need to confirm it in real life.

Never Forget To Check the Warranty Policy

Each manufacturer offers different warranty policies for its products. In many cases, each vehicle line receives different ones either.

The policy is not about the period of warranty which can be three years, five years, ten years, etc. It’s about what circumstances the manufacturer will warrant your car without additional costs.

For instance, Kia carmaker accepts a 7-year guarantee. However, there is another option you need to be aware of. If your car is under seven years old, but it reaches 15,000 km on the run, the warranty runs out.

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Finance Options Matters

A vital car buyers guide is that the finance options matter! How do they work?

First of all, you need to check your budget. If your favorite car is under your budget, you can stay peaceful and make a decision quickly. 

In contrast, if it’s over your budget, you can consider loaning some money from a bank or using the finance options of the car dealer.

However, it would help if you didn’t pour all your savings into the car. You have to pay more for the vehicle by breaking the payment down, but you can keep some money to invest and create a money flow for other activities.

Buying a car

Exchange Cars For A Better Deal 

A smart choice in our tips for buying a new car to save money is to exchange your car. Many dealers accept to buy your current car at a good deal. The earn will be deducted from your main dealership.

It’s not compulsory to sell your car to the dealer. You can find different ways to earn money from your previous vehicle. Hiring an agency to market your car or selling to someone by yourself is also acceptable.

If you want to get as much money as possible, you should research the market, touch your car up, or upgrade it. 


There are thousands of cars on the market that will make you dizzy. People tend to get attracted by the car’s look and purchase one that doesn’t fit their needs.

These seven car buying tips 2022 will save you from buying the wrong car. If you want to know more useful and buying tips, follow Onroadtips.com now!