Some tips you should know about car maintenance

Some tips you should know about car maintenance

September 1, 2022 0 By onroadtips

Regular car maintenance is crucial if you want to keep your vehicle in good working order for a long period. How often should you do car maintenance? And how much is maintenance per month? We’ll provide you some tips in this article to get the finest possible care for your car.

What is car maintenance?

Car maintenance, or car service, is the process by which a mechanic checks the fuel, brakes, machine, and engine inside your car to make sure they are still in good working order. Depending on the state of the vehicle, the mechanic will perform a comprehensive inspection and may then recommend part replacements. Regular car maintenance will reduce operational risks and expenses, prevent unexpected breakdowns, and help you avoid dangerous accidents while driving. Everyone should do this task on a regular basis to protect their vehicles, as well as themselves and their loved ones.

How often should you do car maintenance?

In general, your car should be maintained once a year, or every 12,000 miles, whichever comes first. You must maintain your vehicle’s maintenance plan in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations if it is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. If it’s an old car, you should have it serviced more often, for example every 6 months to make sure there are no problems. As soon as you purchase your used car, take it in for maintenance to ensure everything is in working order before using it.

Car maintenance cost

The car maintenance cost will depend on the vehicle you use. Usually new cars have a 5-year warranty period, you will not be charged for just regular inspection. In the event of damage that requires replacement, you can also use car insurance. But sometimes warranties can’t cover the full cost of maintenance, and the price will be around Php 1,500 a month for 1,000 km.

Each type of maintenance will have the cost as below:

Car maintenance cost for Fuel

The cost of fuel is likely the biggest daily expense for the average automobile owner. If your automobile consumes a liter of fuel every 10 kilometers on average and the expected price of gasoline is P44 per liter, your fuel expenses might reach P5,500 per month, depending on the type of vehicle you drive.

Car maintenance cost for Oil Change

The greatest and possibly simplest auto maintenance task you might perform to keep your machine in top condition is an oil change. It entails replacing the old oil in the engine of your car with new oil, which better lubricates the engine and dissipates heat. The price ranges from Php 1,500 to Php 2,500 per month.

How much is car maintenance per month?

Your car is literally the sum of its components. Each of its many parts needs to be taken care of separately. Batteries typically need to be replaced every two to three years for a cost of roughly P5,000, and tires no more than every five years or 50,000 kilometers. Normally, a set of tires costs around P20,000.

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Maintenance of your vehicle is crucial since it impacts both its functionality and your safety. It would be best if you followed our advice and performed the maintenance often. Stay in touch with us to learn more fascinating information about automobiles and engines!

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