Hybrid Cars In The Philippines – All You Need To Know!

Hybrid Cars In The Philippines – All You Need To Know!

May 12, 2022 0 By onroadtips

Nowadays, hybrid cars are gradually invading the whole Philippine market with better fuel efficiency, affordable prices, quieter and smoother drive.

Those who are considering hybrid cars in the Philippines. There’s no need to be in a hurry! Let’s take time to get detailed information about the five following models listed below!

Hybrid Cars In The Philippines

As a global trend, environmental protection is now the top concern of many drivers, including Philippine drivers. This causes an unpredicted surge in sales of hybrid cars in the Philippines. If you want to lower carbon emissions and fuel costs, find the top five hybrid cars available in the Philippines in our list below to discover what the advanced car segments can offer you.

Honda CR-Z 

CR-Z (Compact Renaissance Zero) means the attitude of Honda toward the car mechanics revolutionization. 

The brand first released this sports car line in 2010. One of its competitive advantages over Mitsubishi Lancer is the smart combination of a hybrid engine and these conventional features of sports cars.

The CR-Z first released globally was in the Tokyo Motor exhibition in 2007. Its concept models were followed by Honda Small Hybrid Spo and Honda Remix.

There are three trim levels ready since 2013 in the Philippines:

  • Mugen
  • Modulo
  • Standard

Below are some specifications about the gasoline of this vehicle:

Gasoline engine1.5 L  16-valve i-VTEC
Transmission6-speed manual
Fuel consumption20km/L

Many evaluate the CR-Z as one of the most fuel-saving cars because of the best fuel emissions limitations in America. Refer to some hybrid cars Philippines prices ranges of the following Honda variants:

The Honda CR-Z version 2016P1.8 million
Used Honda CR-VP1 mil upwards (from 2013)

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Lexus CT200h 

CT (Creative Touring) means highlighting the real nature of the dynamic charm.

This sport hatchback is an electric premium version produced since 2011. Lexus, a famous brand, has released the 3rd hybrid car in Philippines and the smallest automobile model named The Lexus CT200h.

People first approached it globally at the Geneva International Motor Show in 2010 and officially worldwide in 2011. In 2014, the brand revised and redesigned the below functions of CT200h to make it look more classic:

  • The fog lights
  • A front bumper
  • A spindle grille

Thanks to the developing technology of hybrid cars Philippines 2021, the gasoline of the CT200h seems to match the output and power of a normal 2.0 L engine.

Gasoline engineStraight-four
1.8 L DOHC, VVT i
Fuel consumption21 km/L

Regarding the CT200h price of the Lexus:

StandardP2.5 million
F-Sport trimP3.2 million


In 2015, the original BYD Qin appeared at the MIAS and can be the most advanced hybrid car in the Philippines nowadays.

This electric vehicle has a top control system like an 8-inch touch screen and amazing fuel consumption:

Gasoline engine1.5L internal-combustion
Fuel consumption50 kilometers/liters

This model is one of the most friendly prices because you only need to spend P2,489,000 to own an entirely new Qin. 

Moreover, BYD has informed that buyers need to spend only P100,000 on the charge fees and bring the Qin to the racing line.

Lexus NX300h

Another model hybrid car Philippines of Lexus listed in our post is the Lexus NX300h. The brand first launched globally and in the Philippines in 2014. NX stands for “Nimble Crossover” which is a compact car offering a fast and smooth speed.

Gasoline engine2.5 L Atkinson-cycle
Fuel consumption16 km/L
Type of drivetrainAll-wheel drive

Lexus NX300h is equipped with high-end technology such as a Remote Touch Interface designed for urban buyers.

If this model seems to fit with your lifestyle, let’s prepare your financing plan of less than P4 million.

Honda Legend 3.5 Sport Hybrid

Honda brought the Philippine audience the 5th Legend generation, the luxury automobile named the Legend 3.5 Sport. It merges the newest features and high-end technology.

It has been available first in Japan since 2014 and will be available for Philippines hybrid cars buyers this month.

This eco-car is fitted with the engine as follows:

Gasoline engine3.5 L V6 direct-injection i-VTEC Variable Cylinder Management (VCM)
Transmissiona 7-speed Dual Clutch
Fuel consumption17 km/L
Type of drivetrainAll-wheel drive

Honda applied its technology called Earth Dream to improve fuel economy and reduce fuel emissions.

The model of Honda Legend is available exclusively for one variant, with a price of P 4,380,000.

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Hybrid Cars in the Philippines: Pros And Cons 

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of this car type that you can consider in a short time:


  • Great performance
  • Fewer carbon emissions
  • More savings because of using less fuel
  • Longer achievement than a car consuming fossil fuel


  • Spending much more money on new acquisition costs
  • Heavier weight than normal gasoline (diesel models)
  • Maintenance Cost: batteries, the combustion engine, electric motor

Despite our assessment, you should choose one that fits your needs and requirements.


Above are various prices of the top five “Hybrid cars in Philippines” arranged from the lowest to the highest. Can you see how unbelievable it is that their prices are so reasonable?

If you want to have a brand new car with fuel-saving, limiting fuel emissions, and environmental protection at a friendly price, perhaps a vehicle of this kind can be one of the best choices for you!

We hope you can find a car fitting your lifestyle from our buying list. Remember to stay tuned for our next review!