Hyundai Accent Vs Toyota Vios: Which is Worth Your Money More?

Hyundai Accent Vs Toyota Vios: Which is Worth Your Money More?

November 29, 2021 0 By onroadtips

If you are looking to buy a new car, whether for your daily commute or as an investment, the Hyundai Accent vs Toyota Vios are two of the most popular choices. Both cars have the benefits that make them stand out from each other. 

This article will help you decide which is worth your money more by comparing both cars based on price, features, safety ratings, performance, and design. Check it out now!

hyundai accent
Hyundai Accent.

Hyundai Accent Vs Toyota Vios

Filipinos love their sedans, and it’s no surprise why. They’reThey’re less expensive than other types of cars, such as crossovers or SUVs; they also often get good gas mileage for a vehicle with four wheels.

Sedan drivers can rest easy knowing that there will be demand because Filipinos are dedicated to keeping up the tradition.  


Toyota Vios.

The Toyota Vios vs the Hyundai Accent has been rivals in the market for years. Since 2000, both cars have been top sellers with various features to choose from, but which one reigns supreme? Let’s discover now! 


A new king has been crowned in the land of cars. The Vios is a perfect example of what you can expect from an all-around vehicle. 

It’s big, strong, and spacious while still maintaining fuel efficiency. The vehicle also features a 2,550mm wheelbase and a 133mm ground clearance. 

On the other hand, the top-spec Accent is a pocket rocket with sleek styling and performance to match its luxurious appeal. The car has a length of 4,440mm, a width of 1,729mm, and a height of 1,460mm. It has a 140mm ground clearance and a wheelbase of 2,600mm. 

In general, the Vios is slightly taller, wider, and longer than its competitor. However, the Korean-badged sedan has a higher ground clearance and a longer wheelbase.

The Toyota model is a sporty variant of the regular model. It featureS rear and front bumper skirts and side panels that come out to meet it at stops for added protection against objects in traffic such as taxis or buses.  


The Accent GL CRDi offers a more practical and comfortable ride than the Vios generation, with its five-passenger capacity. The leather seats on this car are heated, whereas those of Hyundai’s model can’t be turned up high enough to keep warm during the winter months. 

Additionally, there’s an automated air conditioning system unit that works well in different conditions but lacks rear vents something you’ll appreciate if it gets too hot inside your vehicle.

hyundai accent interior
Hyundai Accent interior.

The Toyota car is a sportier version of the Accent GL, which comes with a leather-wrapped steering wheel and a push start button. The inside features an analog gauge cluster, which sets it apart from the competition. 

At the same time, its competitor only contains USB charging outlets for smartphones and digital trip computers. Moreover, the Vios offers an outlet that can power your favorite gadgets! The Accent model does not offer this feature.  


Toyota Vios interior.

The Vios car is equipped with a 7-inch touchscreen that allows you to connect your phone for music or GPS purposes. With an intuitive interface, it’s easy navigating through this vehicle’s many features like climate control and Bluetooth connectivity. 

Performance And Engine

The Toyota model is the top-spec model and comes with a 1.5-liter inline-four gasoline engine. This can make up to 140 Nm of torque and 106 horsepower for all you dare seekers out there who want more power.

The transmission sends power rearward through continuously variable (CVT), which gives you the feeling that this car was made for performance like yourself who knows how fast they need to go from 0-100 km/h or 62 mph without holding on tight. 

In comparison, the Accent generation is a high-performance, front-wheel drive diesel that offers up to 260 Nm of torque and 128 horsepower. It also features 6-speed automated transmission making it perfect for enthusiasts who want power on demand without sacrificing aesthetics. 

The Honda Accent Diesel vs Toyota Vios models come standard with similar features, such as a torque beam suspension system and strut rear suspension. 

GR-S version comes equipped with all-around discs, while its GL counterpart has hand-operated parking mechanisms onboard. Both are still useful options for drivers looking to stay safe when parked outdoors in their garage.  


The Toyota Vios is a well-equipped car with safety features that come standard on most new vehicles. It has seven airbags, traction control, stability, and locks that detect speed all things you want in your newest ride. 

Variants And Price

There is a price difference between Accent and Vios when it comes to comparing these two cars’ prices. While the price of Hyundai Accent is approximately ₱850,000 ₱1.089 Million, Toyota Vios is currently sold at ₱682,000 ₱1.03 Million. 

This slight price difference makes us wonder which is the better car? Our advice is that you should not rely on the price only to make a decision on which car to buy but you should determine thanks to the specs too.

The Final Thoughts On Hyundai Accent Vs Toyota Vios

The Toyota Vios is a little more powerful than its Accent counterpart. 

However, it still manages to be competitive thanks to a larger torque output from diesel engines which helps Hyundai Accent vs Toyota Vios fuel consumption achieve their turning torque boosted Engine program goals at 100% race fuel economy.

On the other hand, the Vios is the sporty version of the car, which means it has all these great features to make driving more fun. It also comes with a safety kit for your peace of mind on accident-prone roads or when you’re just trying out new things around town. 

To summarize, if you need power but want something with more comfort and safety features, then consider the Huyndai Accent . However, those looking out mostly on performance capabilities should go with our top pick-the Vios model Convertible.  

With the comparison between Hyundai Accent Vs Toyota Vios , we hope to provide enough information for you to choose the best one. For more articles like this, visit