Italian Tune-Up – The Technique That Can Boost Your Car’s Performance

Italian Tune-Up – The Technique That Can Boost Your Car’s Performance

April 16, 2021 0 By onroadtips

Italian tune-up is a technique that can help your car a lot in terms of life expectations and performance. So what is it exactly and how can you perform this technique? Onroadtips will help you fully understand it.

What is an Italian tune-up?

Essentially, it’s slang in the automotive world, in which you try to restore the engine performance of a car by driving it at high engine speed and load. Mechanics in Italy began usingItalian tune-upin the 50s and it has now become more popular around the world. 

Italian Tune Up
What is an Italian tuneup?

The benefits of an Italian tune-up

Test all the engine components

In normal driving conditions, an engine doesn’t use all of its potential but rather operates the most efficiently it can and use the powered it needs.

In older cars that have carburetors, there are often two stages, the first of which set to regular or lower acceleration while the second one opens at a higher load or full throttle to dump as much fuel as it can.

On the other hand, a modern car has a different engine map built into the ECU, which is often touted as sport or economy mode. It offers much greater precision than an old car engine, which only sends more fuel into the combustion chamber. The new engine maps take into account all parameters such as air temperature and rev limit setting. You need to check the functionality of both of them.

An Italian tune up will help you test every component and ensure reliable performance when you need more power.

Italian Tune Up
Why does you are need an Italian tune-up?

Burns all the unwanted carbon buildup

Carbon buildup happens to all combustion engines over time, reducing the efficiency of the overall vehicle. To decrease this, you need to use the right oil and gas, and use premium products only.

You should not do an Italian tune up regularly and not when the engine is cold. However, occasional tune-up helps get your engine beyond the normal operating temperature, which burns off much of the carbon buildup in the engine. This cleans out the engine.

Gets rid of small debris

Have you ever heard of sludge? It can become a problem for car engines if unchecked. However, it can be good in most cases. The sludge in an oil pan is the debris gathered by the oil and filtered or pulled from all the components of the engine.

This mainly consists of tiny iron fillings from the car’s engine, some of it is the debris from the fuel if you use lower octane gas or gas stored in old tanks.

An efficient engine pulls heaps of carbon out and dumps it in the oil pan. To boost this process, you need an Italian tune-up to push every component in the engine to the maximum.

How to do an Italian tune up

To perform an Italian tune-up, essentially, you need to take the car to the road, drive it hard, and bring it to redline. Here’s a video showing you exactly how to do it and the result.

If you are not experienced with this type of work, you should have a professional mechanic help you perform an Italian tune-up. Otherwise, a thorough engine wash will already improve the car’s operation significantly.