Guide To Have LTO Registration Extension For Your Vehicle

Guide To Have LTO Registration Extension For Your Vehicle

May 17, 2022 0 By onroadtips

Expanding the Land Transportation Office registration on your vehicle is a process that can often be confusing, especially if you’ve never done it before. However, this is still a mandatory legal procedure for the owners. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get an LTO registration extension done for your car!

Why Do I Need To Have LTO Registration Extension?

Land Transportation Office certification is a requirement of the Philippines government to drive and operate a vehicle legally in a country. Your local authority will require you to register your vehicle with them when first assigned.

It has some really important benefits, including claiming your ownership or making sure that vehicles are taxed correctly. That’s how we can assure there aren’t any mistakes later down the track. Nevertheless, it is only effective for three years. You need to renew it after the expiration date. Remember to set aside some time in advance to prepare the required documents for your LTO registration renewal extension.

To know your renewal schedule, look at the last digit of your plate number and compare it to the following table:

Month Last Digit of Your Plate Number
March 3

While the second digit tells you when your certification is due:

Working Day2nd digit of your plate number
1st to 7th1,2,3
8th to 14th4,5,6
15th to 21th7,8
22nd to the last day of the month9,0

For example, if your car plate number is 783, your deadline is from 15th to 21th of March. You can have your certification renewed one month before the deadline.

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What Do I Need To Prepare For LTO Registration Extension?

LTO registration extension 2022 for licensing in the Philippines, including a list of these documents. You will need to have them to complete this process:

  • Your original certification or Insurance Certificate of Cover electronic transmission.
  • Valid Motor Vehicle Inspection Report (MVIR)
  • Original Certificate of Emission Compliance

Also, additional requirements vary depending on different types of car:

Types of VehicleSet of the required document
Tax-ExemptOriginal Endorsement and control number
Other Exempt (Special Economic Zones)Certificate proving the vehicle is classified as OEV
For Rental Electronic transmission of franchised confirmation
Validity extension request  by the LTFRB
Official receipt with MTOP certified copy
Stolen or Recovered Car Submission copies of these documents (original must be presented):
Lifting of General Alarm
Report of Recovery
Alarm Sheet
Re-stamping Certificate for tampered chassis/engine.
(NBI) or PNP Crime Laboratory report stating the tampering done on the engine/ chassis

The Process Of LTO Registration Extension

You will experience a similar process as when you first register. The LTO extension of registration process involves an emission and inspection test. You can do it in your local Land Transportation Office or any online extension/district of this function.

Step 1: Bring Your Documents To The Receiving Clerk

Prepare all the required documents mentioned above and submit them to the local office. Also, keep in mind to check the classification of your vehicle to bring other necessary certificates.

Step 2: Pay Your Corresponding Fees

You need to pay a small fee, and the cost of this test will depend on the branch office you choose.

Step 3: Undergo Vehicle Checking

An inspector will use specialized equipment to check its emissions system during the inspection. Then, an approving executive will review and confirm that all the information is accurate for the report.

Step 4: Receive Your Requirements And Inspection Report 

If your vehicle failed a safety inspection, you need to fix the problem and come back for a re-inspection. If not, you can contact the releasing officer to receive returned requirements and your MVIR.


  • You can go with a private center or have your vehicle inspected by the Land Transportation Office. Just make sure it’s authorized and accredited.
  • The renewal fees are equivalent to the enrollment fee except for an additional PHP 400 of the renewal fee.
  • In the process, one of the key documents proving your car is not illegal is the MVIR (Motor Vehicle Inspection Report).

Can I Have An LTO Registration Extension Online?

Yes! It has a website where you can have LTO registration renewal online without coming to the office in person. Here is the official link:

The site is available to citizens within Metro Manila, Tagbilaran Laoag, Bayombong, Roxas, and Dumaguete City. And also other areas serviced by the agency’s branches around Mindanao Island like General Santos and Benguet.

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The Process Of LTO Registration Extension Online

Here is the step-by-step guide for you to have LTO car registration renewal online:

  1. Access the public portal of the Road Transport Management System (LTMS).
  2. Select the “Register Now” button.
  3. A page with lots of transactions will appear. Choose the “Register as an individual” option.
  4. Submit all the necessary information. Select “Create Account” once you’re done. It would help if you also had email verification.
  5. After successfully creating an account, set an appointment at the branch you want.
  6. Pay online fees for the renewal services or vehicle inspections.

Anything To Note?

  • Be on time if possible. You’d better get to the office before 8:00 AM to reduce delays and wait times.
  • Have loose change ready in case you need to make photocopies.
  • Ensure your car is in good condition before submitting it for inspection.
  • Keep your receipts and documents to avoid any possible delays in the process.
  • Follow the social distancing protocols at any office.

Final Words

We hope this guide has answered any questions and alleviated some concerns about the process. Now you can have peace of mind throughout the LTO registration extension experience. 

Keep in mind that you must apply before the expiration date of your current certification, which is printed on the front and back of your card.

Thank you for reading! Also, you may read our writing of any other model on Driving to get more thoughts on the subject. If you have any question, feel free to comment below or contact with!