Lto Reviewer Exam With Detailed Answers

Lto Reviewer Exam With Detailed Answers

August 2, 2021 0 By onroadtips

Getting a driver’s license in the Philippines asks you to undergo a two-part examination, including the written and practical tests. Here, with the help of Lto reviewer from Onroadtips, you can prepare yourself with mixed multiple choice questions for the written exam. Let us show you the details.

What You Need To Prepare For The Lto Exam

In preparation for the license exam at the Land Transportation Office (LTO), you need to learn about the test question types and required knowledge fields in the test. The Lto written test consists of mixed multiple-choice questions covering various fields.

By trying the Lto reviewer exam and taking notes, you can self-taught principle knowledge and get used to the test format. Also, you will know your completed time of the test compared to the required one. Doing the Lto reviewer test many times enables you to improve your actual speed at the real exam.

Moreover, the Lto review has two versions. The first one is the Lto reviewer Tagalog is for the Philippines. Another is the Lto reviewer English, suitable for people with English as their mother language. 

lto reviewer english

Lto Reviewer English: Questions And Answers?

Here we give you bunches of questions and answers which probably appear on your test. You can search for the Lto exam reviewer English 100 for more mock questions. 

  1. By keeping opposing lanes open, we can prevent traffic jams.
  2. When intending to turn right or left, you should signal your intention 25 meters at least before doing.
  3. Round signs with inverted triangles or octagonal and red-colored borders are the Regulatory signs.
  4. Before U-turning, checking your rearview mirrors for vehicles behind and signal your turning would be crucial.
  5. When approaching a pedestrian lane, stopping and yielding to pedestrians is a must.
  6. You should park 5 meters from a signalized intersection.
  7. The first offense of driving a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol is an amateur driver’s license’s confiscation and a 12-month suspension on final conviction by law.
  8. The fine that a PUV driver has to pay after refusing to render his service is Php 1,000.
  9. Drivers have to slow down when driving on wet roads.
  10.  How should a driver slow down from maximum speed? By gently using brakes with steady pressure.
  11.  Carelessly braking on a wet and slippery road may lead to skidding and accidents.
  12.  Blood Alcohol Concentration or BAC refers to the measurement of alcohol in a person’s bloodstream.
  13.  The BAC allowed for a driver of a motor vehicle is 0%
  14.  When group-riding with other motorcycles, a group must assume staggered formation.
  15.  When accidents occur, one must immediately inform the nearest police station and call the nearest emergency service if there are injuries.
  16.  Drivers can go past on the right side of a vehicle once the road has more than one lane going in one direction.
  17.  Look around first, then leave your parking spot.
  18. An unprofessional license is for personal vehicles.
  19.  Drivers should take a look at both side and rearview mirrors quickly.
  20.  Once overtaking another vehicle, a driver must use rearview mirrors to recheck the overtaken vehicle to go back to the original lane.
  21. What is the minimum age permitted for a substandard driver’s license? 18 years old
  22.  At an intersection without a stop sign, the driver should stop and proceed if any danger happens.
  23.  It is a privilege to get a driver’s license.
  24. You can overtake on a highway with two lanes and only if there is a broken yellow line.
  25. It is riskier to turn left than to turn right since you would be crossing two traffic lanes. Therefore, be cautious of vehicles coming from both left and right sides of the road, blind spots, and traffic lights.
  26. What documents must you bring when driving? Your driver’s license, vehicle’s certificate of registration, and the official receipt.
  27.  Obedient drivers who respect law and regulations will eliminate bribes in the traffic enforcement system.
  28.  Drivers must not park at the entrance and exit of hospitals and fire stations.
  29. If a driver uses a fake or counterfeit license, he will receive a Confiscation of a fake license, unable to get a new license for six months, and have to pay a fine.
LTO Road Sign
Remember the road signs

LTO Reviewer Exam FAQs

Below are the most popular questions that candidates might be wondering about: 

  1. What is the passing score of the Lto exam? 

For amateur drivers, it is 30/40, whereas professional ones require 45/60.

  1. Is the Lto exam multiple choice? 

Yes, it is in the multiple-choice format.

  1. Is the Lto exam in English or Tagalog? 

The written test can either be in English or Tagalog, depending on which one you choose to take.

For further essential information of the test, don’t hesitate to find the Lto reviewer pdf.


Overall, here are the tips about the Lto reviewer and how to pass the Lto written test. Nevertheless, if you want to get a Philippines driving license, you also have to practice driving skills to pass the practical exam. In general, practice makes perfect; we wish you good luck in your exam!