No Contact Apprehension: All Useful Information For You

No Contact Apprehension: All Useful Information For You

April 13, 2022 0 By onroadtips


Many drivers are unaware of the no contact apprehension Manila system when it comes to avoiding a ticket. 

Well, this new driver’s guide will teach you everything needed for safe driving so as not to get pulled over by an officer. This article will give clear instructions on how this system works and its benefits. Let’s get to it to figure out what is no contact apprehension!

About The Non-Contact Apprehension Policy

Metro Manila has a new traffic enforcement system that will help assure the safety of its drivers and pedestrians. The non-contact or no contact policy comprises digital cameras monitored by personnel through closed-circuit televisions (CCTV). 

These give accurate captured images/videos from violators within Metro Manila’s jurisdiction so they can be dealt with accordingly. 

The Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) is a government agency that manages traffic in the Philippines. It works with your license plate and RFID provided by LTO to keep things running smoothly on roads across all 50 cities of this country. 

Most cities will have a website to search and find out if your car has been tagged for violating traffic rules via no contact apprehension areas in Manila. The only problem is that each city’s site looks different, so it may take some looking around before finding what suits best.  

These sites work in much the same way, just by inputting the vehicle’s plate number or quick conduction sticker.  

How Non-Contact Apprehension Works 

The MMDA will use a system that checks if the violator has any traffic violations on record. If found, they can be fined, or their license revoked immediately depending upon the severity of offenses committed within Manila’s boundaries. 

If you receive a summons for traffic infractions, it’s important to pay the fine within seven days. This can be done through SM Bills Payment or LBC. 

And if that sounds like too much effort (or in some cases not enough), there is always an MMDA office conveniently located near where you live. 

The Manila no contact apprehension MMDA division is where you can go if your traffic ticket is surprised or disappointed with what was written. 

This office will review the evidence and decide whether there were sufficient grounds for issuing citations. So, keep that in mind before contesting.  

The MMDA is serious about spreading road safety, and they will send you a ticket if it’s found that your vehicle was involved in an accident. But don’t worry because these rule summons can take some time before getting delivered to the recipient.

How Will It Be If I Don’t Pay the Fine?

Unfortunately, the LTO will include your car’s license plate number in their alarm list. As such, you can forget about renewing a registration until it’s paid off and settled down for good.  

If a person invokes their right to remain silent and refuses the summons, then it will not matter that they did so. 

If I Don’t Agree With The Violation Given To Me, How Do I  Contest It?

The Traffic violators summon an important right that allows the violator to contest their ticket in front of a judge. They must be sure not to miss this chance by claiming compliance within seven days.

Suppose you are unhappy with your TAD resolution. 

In that case, we will make every effort to resolve the issue if that does not work out for any reason within thirty days from receipt of notice or longer, if necessary, an appealing time. 

You may file a motion for reconsideration to submit additional information about yourself and why this decision should be reversed.

The LTO RFID Sticker 

The LTO RFID sticker can help make it easier for the police to identify and catch criminals. The said tag contains information about your car, which they will be able to access with scanners via this new system of identification that’s more reliable than CCTV cameras. 

For that to work, you’ll need an RFID sticker. Place it on your car’s windshield, and don’t forget about the Php 5000 fine if we catch one without one.


Will I Still Be Penalized For A Violation When The Current Owner Has Not Processed Their Vehicle’s Transfer Of Registration?

The notice shall require the registered vehicle owner to identify its driver at the time and place indicated in the said document. It is hoped that this will be done by either presenting identification, such as an official passport or driving license. 

Otherwise, it could lead to being taken into custody until someone can prove ownership later on down the road. This might not happen because there are so many cases where people don’t have their papers handy.

How Will The MMDA Send The Summon To Violators?

The city’s legal office will mail you a notice of parking citations if your car is not registered with the proper license plates. Official notices are sent via registered mail (Philpost). Suppose it does not reach us, or there is no evidence that an address exists for this particular vehicle. In that case, we may pick up summonses at our Records Division using no contact apprehension Quezoncity instead.

How Long Should A Driver Wait To Settle A Violation Under This Policy?

The fines you owe will be paid within seven days of receiving your first summon unless a protest has been filed with the MMDA TAD. Your final judgment and any appeals processes are underway before this office. We’ll let them take care of it from here.

Where Should I Pay For My Violation To Be Settled?

Violators can pay at the SM Bills Payment, MMDA Main Office, LBC, or certified Bayad Centers across the country.


Non contact apprehension is a policy that Philippines people participating in traffic must remember. 

If you are not sure about your obligations, get in touch with us for an obligation-free consultation, and we can help set you on the right path.

You may be surprised at how easy it is to stay compliant when you know exactly what’s expected of you! Thank you, and we will see you soon at our category Driving. If you have any question, feel free to comment below or contact with