A-to-Z Parallel Parking Guide For Car Drivers

A-to-Z Parallel Parking Guide For Car Drivers

April 15, 2021 1 By onroadtips

Many drivers would do anything they can to avoid parallel parking because it’s tricky and takes time to practice. However, you don’t have to be afraid, all you have to do is reading this comprehensive guide thoroughly and follow these steps correctly. Onroadtips will help you do it.

Parallel parking meaning What is the Parallel parking technique?

Parallel parking is a technique where you are required to park parallel to the road and in line with other vehicles that have already parked. Also, you have to park in the same direction as the traffic on your side of the road.

Parallel parking space dimensions you need to remember

For parallel parking, the standard parallel parking dimensions are 2.15 meters in width and 6 meters in length. To compare, the average parking space measures 2.5 meters in width and 5 meters in length.

The big difference in the length between the average and this type of parking space is because you will need a wider gap to be able to get in between the two vehicles behind and in front of you.

parallel parking dimension
What does it mean to parallel park and what are the dimensions for one slot?

How to do parallel park?

Now, you will be guided through parallel parking steps that will help you park parallel perfectly.

  • Step 1: Steer your car slowly until it’s parallel to the car that’s parked in front of the parking space. Make sure your car is about 40-60 cm from the side of this car.
  • Step 2: Check the rearview mirror and your left and right for the traffic. When there aren’t any other vehicles in your blind spot, you can shift your vehicle into reverse.
  • Step 3: Begin to slowly reverse your car along the side of the parked car. Now, turn the steering wheel to the right.
  • Step 4: When your car is moving into the parking space, straighten the steering wheel slowly while moving backwards towards the car parked at the other end of the slot. Remember to always check the front windshield and all mirrors as you maneuver the car to avoid any risk of hitting the other parked cars and other vehicles.
  • Step 5: As soon as your car’s front has passed the back bumper of the car parked in the spot in front of your spot. Now, turn the steering wheel to the left.
  • Step 6: Look at the rearview mirror and check how close your car has got to the car in parked on the other end of your parking space.
  • Step 7: As your car is straight and close to the curb, shift into forward and move the car so the gaps behind and in front of it are equal.

Keep in mind that before parking, look carefully for any road marking or road sign that allows or prohibits parking.

How to get out of the parking spot?

Getting out of your parking spot and re-join the traffic can be easy when there are few vehicles on the road, but it can be tricky if there’s heavy traffic at the time. Therefore, it’s important for you to follow these steps.

  • Step 1: First of all, your car must be put into reverse and moved backwards towards the car parked behind you. Be careful not to hit the car behind you.
  • Step 2: Now, turn the steering wheel to the left and shift into forward. Remember to check the traffic in the lane before entering. You also need to ensure your car isn’t too close to the back bumper of the car parked in front of yours.
  • Step 3: Drive slowly out of the parking spot and enter the lane.
parallel parking techniques
How to get out of this parking space?

Parallel parking GIF

To help you get a better idea of the parallel parking tutorial we provided above, here are some parallel parking animation gifs.

Parallel parking tips: what you can do if you bump a car while parallel parking

Do not panic, take a deep breath and be ready to take responsibility for the accident. It can happen to anyone even if you have years of driving experience.

If the owner of the car is not present at the time, you can leave a note containing your name, phone number or any other contact information that the other person can reach out to you when they find out about the incident.

If the owner of the car is present, you can call the police immediately and exchange contact info, insurance info with each other. Take photos of all the dents and damages you caused and obtain an accident report from the police on the scene. In addition, report the matter to your insurance provider.

So, we hope that through this post of Parallel Parking Guide, you have clearly understood how to perform parallel parking.  Mastering this skill is very important and will do you a lot of good things in the future, especially for those who commute in a busy city a lot.