PMS Car In The Philippines: Everything You Need To Know

PMS Car In The Philippines: Everything You Need To Know

July 28, 2021 0 By onroadtips

A car is a valuable asset for any person. When you invest a large amount of money in this product, you always want to use it as long as possible. Understanding the PMS car is the best way to achieve this goal. If you still feel confused about this term, please refer to this article. Let’s scroll down for more details from Onroadtips

What Is PMS Car? 

In-car translation, Preventive Maintenance Schedule or PMS car means the manufacturer’s instructions about replacing certain car parts. 

The main purpose of this term is to prevent damage promptly, ensure the vehicle’s good performance, and prolong the service life. You can find PMS for car in the owner’s manual, warranty card, or a separate booklet included with the purchase. 

In reality, your car’s components inevitably wear out after a certain period. Based on years of research, the manufacturers have calculated the average usage time of each one. Let’s scroll down to find out more information in the next section. 

PMS plays an important role in vehicle durability
PMS plays an important role in vehicle durability

PMS Schedule

Each vehicle type has a separate maintenance timeline. In general, there are three outstanding milestones to note as follows:

One-thousand-kilometer Test

Don’t be surprised! You must do a PMS checklist for your car when it has run about 1000 kilometers. The test will tell you whether the engine is working properly or not. 

During this first stage, metal parts such as oil or filters can release some metal scraps. Servicemen may recommend replacing them for better performance.

Four or Five-thousand-kilometer Test

Once again, your vehicle needs an oil and filter change in the second stage. You need to take it to a service shop for gasoline-powered cars when the mileage reaches 4000 kilometers. This level increases to 5000 kilometers when it comes to diesel engines.  

Ten-thousand-kilometer Test

After a long period of use, service members can replace some worn-out parts. Checking the condition and performance of critical components is also a must. As usual, your vehicle requires an oil and filter change. 

PMS For Car Tips

A good understanding of PMS and how it works helps to increase vehicle durability. Here are some useful tips for you.

Carry Out The Maintenance Service At The Authorized Dealer

You should only perform maintenance at authorized stores. Service costs may be slightly higher, but you get a maximum guarantee on the quality of new parts in return.

Any repair or replacement by an unapproved mechanic will void your warranty. It can even lead to more payouts if something goes wrong in the future.

Never Skip The Recommended Schedule

  • The PMS schedule on the booklet is the best time to check your vehicle’s performance. Even if you do not experience any problems with your car during use, never ignore these recommended milestones for two reasons:
  • Only skilled maintenance specialists can detect signs of damage to your vehicle components on time. The main purpose of maintenance is to prevent serious breakdowns or unnecessary accidents during use.
  • You cannot carry out further warranty services if you go to the store after the required time.

Plan For Needed Services In Advance

As the requirement of PMS careers, stores, even genuine ones, often try to offer you unnecessary services. If possible, find out what your car really needs before taking it to the maintenance center. Careful preparation can save you time and money on useless procedures. 

Car PMS Checklist

Vehicle parts prone to mechanical wear and friction need periodic PMS checklists. They include the following components.


Your car uses oil as a lubricant to keep other parts running smoothly. Due to frequent exposure to dirt and metal shavings, it becomes dirty easily. You may notice that the maintenance technician does a full oil change on all PMS schedules.

Your vehicle requires frequent oil changes
Oil Maintenance Vehicle Motor Changing The Oil

That’s where synthetic oil becomes more useful than ever. It allows you to reuse the remaining oil in the filter and simply refill instead of draining it all out.

Oil Filters

A high-quality filter prevents the oil inside it from coming into contact with dirt. That’s why you should check this part during each PMS. It keeps the oil clean for longer and allows reusability if needed. 


Car manufacturers install fan, steering, timing and drive belts for controlling the engine’s temperature. They move continuously every time the car is in operation to keep it working properly.

The rubber material also causes them to crack, scratch, and damage after a certain time. This requires regular inspection and replacement.


Keep in mind to have your car transmission drained out regularly. A periodic inspection helps this part promote its good use. Undoubtedly, transmitting the correct speed and torque leads to better performance on any terrain.

Car transmission needs regular inspection
Car transmission needs regular inspection

Car PMS Price In The Philippines

Car PMS cost Philippines varies between vehicle models. It also depends on the services incurred during the repair process.

If you own a Japanese sedan with a 1.3-liter engine, the car PMS price may cost about Php 2,500. By comparison, service fees can increase many times (up to Php 25,000) for a luxury car from European automakers. Meanwhile, the average cost per PMS schedule, including the synthetic oil addition for the Mitsubishi Montero Sport, is around Php 8,000.

Mitsubishi Montero Sport has an average PMS fee
Mitsubishi Montero Sport has an average PMS fee

Though it seems like a big lump-sum payment, you cannot deny the long-term benefits that PMS offers. It’s time to check your vehicle’s PMS schedule and get it to the authorized service center in time.

In Conclusion

After reading the whole article, you have gathered a lot of useful information about PMS car. In short, it prevents unnecessary damage and ensures the best performance for each use. 

Take note of the PMS schedule right after receiving the car and get your vehicle to the service center at the required time. As the last word, we hope you always appreciate the importance of PMS and can take its advantage to prolong your vehicle life.