Red Dot On Tire: The Tiny Spot That Saves A Ton Of Money For You

Red Dot On Tire: The Tiny Spot That Saves A Ton Of Money For You

May 7, 2021 0 By onroadtips

Have you ever noticed there’s a red dot on your tire? If your answer is no, it’s high time you learned about it. There’s also a yellow dot, which we will discuss later in this post. So, what does the red dot on tire mean? What’s its purpose? Why understanding it can help you save a lot of money?

What is a yellow and red dot on tire?

These dots are painted on the sidewall of new tires. They mark and guide the position that needs to be aligned with certain points on the wheel, which ensures the balance of the wheel. When these dots are properly aligned with the desired points of the wheel, it will take the minimal weight for balancing.

The less lead is needed for wheel weights, the less money is needed for balancing. Vice versa, the more weights are used, the more money is required for balancing the tires.

red dot on tire
What is the red dot?

What does the red dot mean?

Tires are not perfectly round even when they have just freshly come out of the production line. There are high points and low points due to the points where the belts are joined, which can result in vibrations when the tire is rolling.

The red dot represents the high point of the tire. Many wheels also have a drilled dot or sticker indicating their low points. In this case, you need to align the dot on the wheel with the red dot on tire placement. This way, the vibration from the high point of the tire will be minimized, which eventually saves a lot of money for you.

red dot on tire
The yellow dot on tire

What does the yellow dot mean?

Tires are not perfectly balanced when they are made. Therefore, manufacturers mark a yellow dot on the position of the tire with the least weight. Then, the technician has to line up the yellow dot with the position of the valve stem because it’s located at the heaviest point of the wheel.

This helps optimize the balance of the tire, meaning less lead weight is needed to balance out the wheel and the tire. Ultimately, you get a longer-lasting tire with a quieter, more comfortable ride. It also results in less money spend on balance.

Red dot and yellow dot: which one is more important?

In some cases, you will see both a red and a yellow dot on the tire with no marks or dots on the wheel. This is when you have to prioritize the red dot and align it with the valve stem because dealing with the high point is more important than the lightest point of the tire.

This is different from when your wheels misalign, in which case you have to get a wheel alignment job at an auto shop.

Checking your new tire

Next time a tire is installed, you should have a technician look at the following things:

  • Is a lubricant used? The mounting process involves using proper lubricant; otherwise, the bead areas won’t seat and seal properly.
  • Is there dirt between the wheel and the hub? This dirt must be cleaned or air will leak from the inevitable gaps.
  • Are the marks aligned properly? The red and yellow dots should be in the proper position corresponding to the marks on the wheel.
  • Are proper wheel weights installed? Check this carefully because. Without proper weight installation, the wheels are more likely to fall off at a high speed.
red dot on tire
Check your car tires carefully

Red dot on tire FAQs

How do you get rid of red spots on new tires?

To remove these dots, you can choose one of the following ways:

  • Hose them off
  • Use a rag to wipe them off
  • Apply tire cleaner

How long do new car tires last?

The average life span of a new tire is from 4 to 5 years. A typical set of tires will last between 60,000 and 75,000 miles, but there are different factors wearing out your tires so the exact life span depends on each specific case.

Should I replace all 4 tires?

If your car is an all-wheel-drive one, you should replace all 4 tires at once to achieve a balanced performance among them. If you replace only one tire, the reduced diameter of the others will make them spin faster.

Overall, in this post, Onroadtips has clarified the meaning of the red dot on tire that you may see all the time but never question. We hope that after reading the red dot on tire meaning, you will be more careful when having your tires installed to save money in the long term.