The Skyway Stage 3 Toll Fee – What You Need To Know!

The Skyway Stage 3 Toll Fee – What You Need To Know!

April 6, 2022 0 By onroadtips

Since the opening of Skyway Stage 3, motorists may now consider the answer to “Skyway Stage 3 toll fee“. The Chinese government financed the construction, which will repay the loan in 20 years. 

The following section discusses how much they would be and why you don’t have to pay one at all right now. Read on!

Travel With Delightment On Skyway Stage 3

Skyway Stage 3 is now open, and it’s a total breeze to cruise on! This new road connects key spots in Metro Manila so that you can get to your destination a lot faster. 

It’s just a short drive away from the airport, and you’ll be able to avoid all the traffic jams. Plus, you don’t have to worry about accidents or having your vehicle towed away.  

In Quezon and Balintawak, two lanes will connect the MMSS3 with the NLEX-SLEX Connector Road Project, close to PUP via Buendia, Makati City, and Sgt. Rivera corner A, Bonifacio.

The construction implementation for the MMSS-3 Project will include 5 individual sections below:

1 Buendia, Makati – Nagtahan

2 Nagtahan – Ramon Magsaysay Avenue

  • 2A Nagtahan – Tomas Claudio
  • 2A Tomas Claudio – PUP Sta. Mesa
  • 2B Tomas Claudio – Ramon Magsaysay Avenue
  • 3 Ramon Magsaysay – Quezon Avenue

4 Quezon Avenue – Balintawak

5- Balintawak, Quezon City

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Skyway Stage 3 Objective And Benefits


The project aims to connect the South and North Luzon Expressway. It will improve the traffic density in Metro Manila, especially EDSA, CP Garcia, and Central Metro Manila. 

The joint venture will be implemented under a government-approved Business Joint Venture Agreement between CLP and PNCC.


After construction, the Bustamante Overpass project aims to improve EDSA traffic and other significant roads by 50000 vehicles daily. It will also cut the moving time from Buendia to Balintawak by 2 hours!

Skyway Stage 3 operating hours are from 6 am to 10 pm. This ensures that commuters have enough time to travel between their destinations.

The construction of the B.O. will create about 6,000 direct jobs and about 1300 indirect jobs for numerous Filipino families.

Skyway Stage 3 Toll Fee


Cars with 2 axles and up to 7 ft. in height (e.g. vans, jeepneys)


Skyway stage 3 exitsQuirinoPlaza Azul/NagtahanQuezon AvenueBonifacio-BalintawakNLEX
Plaza Azul/Nagtahan  264264264
Quezon Avenue 129129
E. Rodriguez  129129129


ExitQuezon E.Rodriguez Plaza Azul/NagtahanBuendia
Quezon Avenue129264264
Plaza Dilao105


Single and two-axle commercial vehicles with over 7 ft. in height (passenger buses, delivery trucks). Vehicles with three or more axles or less than 7 ft. in height (delivery vans, small trucks, class 1 vehicle with a trailer)


EXITQuirinoPlaza Azul/NagtahanQuezon AvenueA.Bonifacio-BalintawakNLEZ
Quezon Avenue258258
Plaza Azul/Nagtahan528528528


EXITQuezon Ave.E.RodriguezPlaza Azul/NagtahanBuendia
Plaza Dilao 210
Quezon Avenue258528528


Vehicles with three or more axles and a height of more than 7 feet are subject to this restriction. 


ENTRYQuirinoPlaza Azul/NagtahanQuezon AvenueA.Bonifacio-BalintawakNLEX
Plaza Azul/Nagtahan792792792
E. Rodriguez387387387
Quezon Avenue 387387


ENTRYQuezon Ave.E.RodriguezPlaza Azul/NagtahanBuendia
Quezon Avenue387792792
Plaza Dilao315

SMC also runs the Skyway Stage 3, which uses the Auto sweep RFID. From Quezon Avenue to NLEX, one-way fares range from ₱129 to ₱129.

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Skyway Stage 3 Map

From the Department of Public Works and Highways’ website, here’s the Skyway Stage 3 map.

Tips To Remember When Traveling On Skyway Stage 3 

  • Have Your Skyway Stage 3 RFID Ready

Easily the most important thing to do after you get your new car is to register it! Once you’ve taken delivery and signed your papers, take care of registering your vehicle. 

You’ll want to make sure all the mechanical aspects are working fine first. Then you can go ahead to a local city or county office to register your new wheels. 

Make sure you bring proof that you own the car by presenting the bill of sale when applying, along with any other relevant tax paperwork from previous ownership. They can be receipts listing what fees were paid insurance forms, etc.

  • Drive At The Speed Limit

Skyway Stage 3 is still under construction, making it a little challenging for motorists to drive through. There are areas where the concrete is still new, and it can get quite dusty. 

Be sure you’re staying below the recommended speed limit of 60 kilometers per hour to ensure your safety while driving on the road. 

It would help if you also cared not to commit serious traffic violations. Doing so could result in heavy fines imposed by municipal authorities.

  • Know Your Exit

The Skyway Stage 3 cash lane is the longest cable-stayed bridge connecting North Luzon to South Luzon and spans the Mindoro and Bataan Peninsulas. The bridge makes very clever and excellent use of space while staying mindful of Metro Manila’s tight holes. 

However, as an important reminder, it’s imperative to keep your focus as you travel through or at least be familiar with your vehicle or alternative route options in case you run out of time!

  • Drive Courteously

As the newest addition to the Skyway network, Stage 3 has been causing some confusion among drivers. The best way to avoid frustration and ensure a smooth drive is to be courteous and understand others.

Remember that many drivers are still unfamiliar with the route. So, allow extra time for getting to your destination and be prepared for slower speeds. Most importantly, remain calm and polite when driving.


If you’re looking for a way to avoid traffic and save time, Stage 3 is an excellent option. It’s just 18 kilometers long and connects Makati City with Quezon City.

The Skyway Stage 3 toll fee for this expressway will be determined by how much construction work needs to be done at any given time. There are no plans for now to charge motorists who use the route.

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