Top 5 Best Dashcam Philippines 2021 – Best Dashcam Review

Top 5 Best Dashcam Philippines 2021 – Best Dashcam Review

August 30, 2021 0 By onroadtips

After owning a new car, it’s crucial to choose an appropriate dashcam. However, it’s not simple while there are many dashcam Philippines brands available on the current market.

To pick the right dashcam for your car, you have to check out these conditions: the car size, the video quality, video storage, your budget, and other features. This article will give the top five possible dash cams that can adapt to these conditions.

Garmin Dash Cam 55

Garmin remains among the most famous dashcam brands that have a reputation for high-quality and full-equipped cameras. Their products are favored by many other countries worldwide due to their perfect and modern outcome.

Our first impression of this dash cam is the good resolution video. Specifically, it can give you 1440p footage due to its 180-degree lens. How fantastic, right?

Garmin Dashcam
Garmin Dashcam gives 1440p videos

Furthermore, the Garmin can keep recording videos whenever it is plugged in. That means you don’t have to be afraid of losing any moment of your car while driving anymore. 

One convenient feature that we like most about this car dash cam Philippines is the possible forward accident alert. It can right away give you the warning if there are any visible cars ahead coming to you.

In case you are wondering about the cam’s modern technology, we got the answer that will satisfy you. This car camera features voice control, allowing users to adjust by voice. Also, the departure warning system for changing lanes helps turn on the red light notification whenever you leave the right path.

Mobius Maxi

For anyone looking for their suitable dash cams but do not have enough financial ability to adapt to a famous brand’s dashcam Philippines price? Don’t worry, because our Mobius Maxi in the 2.7K variant of 2.7K a great choice for you. 

The Maxi version has both good design and effective functions. So it must come with modern innovations. 

Despite its affordable price, it can record those 2.7k videos at 30 FPS and owns a viewing range of up to 150-degree. Additionally, this dashcam can deliver video footage at a mouthwatering 2.7K resolution setting featuring 30 FPS. If you favor a portable one, Maxi can definitely satisfy you because it is convenient for carrying. 

The Mobius Maxi is covered by a black coat, resulting in a perfect and shiny look. The recording button is placed on the camera’s top, which is easy to adjust even while driving. 

What’s more, you can charge it with the USB port. At the back, you can also find the SD card. You should make use of the high storage card for better quality filming. 

Blackvue DR590W-2CH

It’s definitely a shortcoming to think that a car camera cannot give high-resolution videos. The Blackvue version DR590W-2CH can export 1080p videos in Full HD. It can warn you of the possible dangers at both the front and back of your car due to the 139-degree view camera. 

Blackvue variant DR590W-2CH
Blackvue variant DR590W-2CH

In case you are seeking a high-tech dashcam system, the Blackvue could be all you need. This camera also has a wifi connection, allowing you to connect to other devices like smartphones, tablets, or laptops. Being the most convenient dashcam installation Philippines, this product supports users with the BlackVue App, which means you can see your car’s condition anytime, anywhere. All you need to prepare is a wifi connection.

PG07 Dual Lens From Azdome

Azdome’s Full HD Driving Recorder guarantees full HD-quality footage as a high-end trim. Our Azdome PG07 features a screen with 4.3” IPS that goes along a COMS Senor. This camera possesses a SDHC storage of 10 micro that has a capacity of about 64 GB. 

In general, the PG07 Dual Lens stands out with some useful features. The device has a dashcam and a rear cam with a maximum viewing angle of 170 degrees to help you completely avoid blind areas. Specifically, this Dash Cam Philippines price is relatively reasonable for everyone.

However, the disadvantage of owning this dashcam is that it will take the place of your mirror. So think twice before replacing your standard mirror with this genuine Azdome PG07 Dual Lens.

Yi Smart Dash Cam

This camera could be the most economical Dashcam in the top Dashcam Philippines. It can record the entire road, even at night, with its 165-degree viewing angle and F/1.8 aperture.

Specifically, it shows FullHD video of 1920x1080p with 60 FPS, and at high rates, it can record sharp and bright images.

The device may also be fully viewed from the backside or inside the cabin, which is impossible with a low-budget dashcam. Therefore, the quality of the recorded images may astound you.

Not only does the Yi Smart Dash Cam have a decent price tag and a crisp build, but it’s also compact, discreet, and easy to operate. It includes Wi-Fi to make it easier for us to access. In addition, this camera features an advanced system that assists driver (ADAS) by transmitting auditory alerts and warnings in real-time.

Xiaomi Yi Smart Dash Cam
Xiaomi Yi Smart Dash Cam

Yet, this Dashcam is composed of plastic, which reduces its esthetics and seems environmentally hazardous, as its first demerit. Another downside is that it lacks an HDMI output.

Despite a few minor drawbacks, it is still a competitive product on the market. The Advanced Driver Assistance System, common in high-end dashcams, is now accessible on the Philippines’ Yi dashcam. The e-HDR Generation 2 technology ensures good visibility and reduces the number of blind spots in low light circumstances.


Above are the top 5 best dashcam Philippines in 2021 we would love to recommend to you. They are good due to their high reputation brands and famous for their perfection and modernity. Take a glance at our review article, and now it’s your turn to decide which one is the most appropriate for your car!