Top 5 Practical Driving Tips for Beginners in the Philippines

Top 5 Practical Driving Tips for Beginners in the Philippines

September 28, 2022 0 By onroadtips

Driving is one of the greatest conveniences of modern life. It transports us anywhere and everywhere easily. Automobiles, of course, make this possible. Since its invention over a century ago, the automobile has allowed us to travel to places we never thought possible.

That being said, whether you want to drive a powerful sports sedan like the Kia Stinger or a dependable family SUV like the Isuzu mu-X, you’ll need to have the necessary skills. Here are our top five beginner driving tips.

Enrolling in a Driving school

Although it may not be what you want to hear, you should think about enrolling in a good driving school. Many instructors have taught students of all skill levels and levels. The practical knowledge and skills you will gain there will set you up for success and can save you hours of practice.

Enrolling in a driving school

You can take refresher courses even if you are not a complete beginner. These intermediate lessons can help you focus on skills you may have overlooked or not applied well enough. There are always skills to learn when driving, but you must eventually find and refine them.

Find your suitable position

A good driving experience requires comfort. You cannot drive as well as you could if you are not in a position to put your skills and potential to use. Make sure to adjust the seat position in each vehicle to your size and structure.

Find your suitable position

Make sure your feet, legs, arms, and hands are in the most comfortable driving position possible. For maximum safety, you should also be able to see clearly through the windshield.

By learning and employing your best driving posture, you can avoid driving stress and possibly lingering aches and pains.

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Master your footwork

One of the more difficult aspects of teaching car driving tips to beginners appears to be learning how to use the pedals properly. Whether you have a manual or automatic transmission, you must understand how each pedal works.

Master your footwork

The key is to use smooth operation with no abrupt or unnecessary movements. Avoid abrupt clutch disconnections and engagements. Make an effort to accelerate and decelerate as smoothly as possible. Drive around, investigate various situations, and challenge yourself to overcome them while maintaining a firm grip on the pedals. Doing these fundamentals well can give you more confidence in your driving abilities as you progress.

Use defensive driving techniques

When you’re ready to drive, you’ll be aware of the numerous dangers lurking on our streets, which are one of the best driving tips and tricks. Errant drivers, careless pedestrians, and busy roads can all put you behind the wheel for a bad time.

In the midst of the chaos, you must maintain your cool. “Remember your training,” one Jedi Master once told his Padawan. This training should include, among other things, staying alert while other drivers engage in unsafe behavior.

A motorist, for example, may attempt to pass you on a highway even if there is insufficient space to do so. As a new driver, you may experience a variety of emotions, including confusion and anger. Defensive driving techniques teach us to prioritize safety, so in this situation, you can slow down and let the driver pass.

Learning to look fifteen seconds ahead is another important aspect of defensive driving. Always keep an eye on where you’re going and plan your next move ahead of time. If you are constantly aware of all potential obstacles, you will have a much better chance of overcoming anything that comes your way.

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Stay away from distractions

Distraction is an all-too-common issue for modern drivers. People nowadays need to use multiple screens for hours on end every day. People are unable to separate their smartphones, but this should never occur while driving.

Using a cell phone behind the wheel is not only illegal (under the Anti-Distracted Driving Act of 2016), but it is also extremely dangerous for yourself and those around you. These distractions prevent you from concentrating on the road, leaving you vulnerable to other collisions and accidents.

It is not only smartphones. If you allow it, anything can become a driving distraction. However, if you want to eventually get out of your beginner situation, you must learn to always be aware.

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