TPL Insurance – The Best Choice For Car Drivers

TPL Insurance – The Best Choice For Car Drivers

May 19, 2022 0 By onroadtips

Many people think that buying guaranteed support is redundant. Still, we can never predict dangerous situations that will strike at any time. “Insurance” is the factor that will help us solve those problems most effectively.

Whether you cause an accident or get into any situation, assurance will always help you with financial problems. Learn more about TPL insurance below to know more about how this one can benefit you!

What Does TPL Insurance Mean? 

“Third Party Liability” is a type of TPL car insurance that vehicle owners should choose to buy for themselves. Normally in the Philippines, vehicle owners will apply for this type of assistance first and then register their vehicle. Specifically, when an accident occurs and causes loss, this type of assistance will be responsible for protecting you against legal liabilities. All vehicles from commercial vehicles, trucks and private vehicles must have insurance. There is also TPL insurance for motorcycle.

What Types Of Objects Does TPL Include? 

TPL insurance Philippines will cover expenses such as funeral charges or third-party medical treatment in the event of an accident. PHP 100000 is the amount of money that victims can immediately receive.

  • In case of an accident resulting in the death of a third party, the representative family of the third party will receive the funeral charges PHP 30000 compensation and PHP 70000. In this case, the third-party passenger also received a similar compensation amount.
  • In an accident that results in pain, a third party will be reimbursed for the medical care of PHP 100000. This support type will cover PHP 500/a day for hospital treatment and expenses paid upward to 45 days. If the victim uses medicine, the cost provided is PHP 20000.
  • Suppose the victim suffers severe damage to parts of the body such as loss of hands, feet, toes, fingers, eyesight, and even total body disability. In that case, victims encountering these factors will be compensated PHP 50000.

What Is The Importance Of This Type Of Assurance? 

The type of support for cars is indispensable for every car owner. Imagine what bad things will happen when there is a traffic accident, and you are injured, the vehicle is poorly damaged, and another car is affected.

If you don’t have this support type, you will have to bear all the compensation costs for the other party, treatment costs, vehicle repair costs for yourself, etc. Sounds awful! This situation will put you in financial difficulties and other related problems. 

What do you think about having someone stand up for you in such terrible cases? That’s great! Choosing this type will be an option to help you fulfill your liability to a third party. In addition, you also get help for yourself against legal responsibilities.

Usually, you will be asked to add full car assurance on registration or when buying a new vehicle. Before driving a car, you must ensure you have all the necessary documents, including any vehicle support.

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TPL Price Philippines

Perhaps TPL car insurance price Philippines is an issue that many people are most interested in. Specifically, the price is in the range of PHP 650/year, and this issue includes an amount of about PHP 100000.

Usually, the cost to apply for this type of guarantee will be the same on any vehicle model, except the cost may be higher if the IC states otherwise. In this aspect, whether you choose a Mirage or a Vios, the price of PHP 650 will be the same for both types. 

Does The TPL Have Any Limitations?

You have to understand that type of assurance is not your fairy godmother. It won’t protect you from all problems. Understandably, it will include some limitations you need to be aware of to make the most of it. 

You will be financially protected concerning third-party damage, death, and injury when an accident occurs. However, the costs related to damage to yourself and your vehicle must be borne by you.

Furthermore, this type of support is only liable for “outside the vehicle” objects such as pedestrians or other vehicles. For people inside the car, like your co-workers or family members, this assurance will not assist if any matter occurs.

Additionally, your other financials like vehicle repairs, hospital fees, and legal costs should also be out of your pocket.

Many of you might be considering comprehensive insurance vs TPL. Specifically, the former financial assistance will help you pay for car repairs with a broader range. This issue can include effects from fire, falling objects, or hail.

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Details Of The Participation Cost

There are many questions about the support fee and how to claim TPL insurance Philippines. Let’s get started!

The participation fee is what you pay the support company when creating a claim. It is important to note that you also need to participate in your repair charges when you own and as an owner of car assurance.

There will be a lot of problems that will put the company in trouble. That’s why they will require some specific rules. They will ask participants to pay the fee for a few reasons as follows:

  • In the occurrence of an accident, the driver will be responsible.
  • The “participation fee” will be a method of dealing with those who commit fraud.
  • The fee will be a factor that prevents car owners from abusing the advantages that support provides.

The participation fee is determined depending on the measure of your vehicle in the case of support. Charges range from 0.5% to 1.0% of current amortization on your “comprehensive insurance”.

You will also bear this fee in an accident where you are at fault. If the fault is not on your part, you will receive a refund fee.


Surely the above useful information has helped you understand TPL insurance. Such an investment is an indispensable companion for your vehicle every time incidents and accidents occur.

Equipping assurance is a matter of long-term implementation to ensure high safety and limit financial risks for you. After this information, you can confidently register for support right now! 

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