What Is The Unregistered Vehicle Fine In The Philippines?

What Is The Unregistered Vehicle Fine In The Philippines?

April 15, 2021 0 By onroadtips

When you buy a new car, it’s common sense and compulsory that you register it with the Land Transportation Office. However, sometimes people keep driving an unregistered car for a long time because they don’t want to pay the registration fee or they are just lazy. Regardless of the reason, if you haven’t get your car registered, you may get an unregistered vehicle fine anytime.

With the car registration, the government can track your official records, which is important. So, when your car is not registered with LTO, you will be punished.

What is the unregistered vehicle penalty?

Keep in mind that this punishment is applied to all motor vehicles. In brief, if you are driving a unregistered vehicle in the Philippines, you will be fined P10,000.

Even worse, if your vehicle has been unregistered for longer than one month, it will be impounded and released only when you register it and pay all the related fees, fines, and penalties.

Unregistered Vehicle Fine
Unregistered vehicle fine Philippines

Penalties for late/expired car registration

It’s such a bummer if somehow the authorities find that your car is unregistered, like when it’s in a parallel parking slot and someone decides to scan your vehicle. The amount you may have to pay for late or expired car registration ranges from PHP 2,000 to PHP 10,000 and the vehicle may be impounded as well. Onroadtips will give you a summary of the cases and their corresponding penalties:

  • Driving without a valid driver’s license or conductor’s permit: the fine is PHP 3,000.
  • Driving a motor vehicle used when a crime was committed: the penalty is PHP 10,000.
  • Reckless driving, which includes driving an unregistered motor vehicle: the penalty for the first offense is PHP 2,000; the penalty for the second offense is PHP 3,000, and the penalty for the third offense is PHP 10,000.
  • Driving a motor vehicle after drinking alcohol or consuming dangerous drugs or similar substance upon final conviction: a) if no homicide or physical injury happens, the fine is PHP 20,000-80,000 and 3 months in prison; b) if there are physical injuries, the fine is PHP 100,000-200,000 and follow article 263 of RPC; and c) if homicide happens, the penalty is PHP 300,000-500,000 and follow article 249 of RPC. At the same time, a non-professional driver’s license will be taken away and suspended for 1 year for the first offense, perpetual revocation in the second offense. Meanwhile, a professional driver’s license will face perpetual revocation on the first offense and perpetual revocation or disqualification from obtaining any kind of license on the second offense.
  • Driving when not wearing a seat belt: the penalty is PHP 1,000 for the first offense, PHP 2,000 for the second offense, and PHP 5,000 for the third offense.
  • Failing to carry the Driver’s License, Certificate of Registration, or Official Receipt, or when driving an MV: the penalty is PHP 1,000.
  • Controling an unregistered vehicle (MV): the penalty is PHP 10,000 while the vehicle can be impounded and barred for 1 year from the payment date of the fine.
  • Driving a right-hand drive MV: the penalty is PHP 50,000.
  • Unauthorized modification of motor vehicle: the penalty is PHP 5,000.
  • Driving a motor vehicle without or with improper/defective/unauthorized accessories, equipment, parts, and device: the fine is PHP 5,000
  • Failing to attach proper motor vehicle plates or unauthorized tampering with MV plates or using a third-party sticker: the fine is PHP 5,000.
  • Committing fraud in registration or renewal of MV: the fine is PHP 3,000.
  • Violating other regulations relating to the operation, renewal, or registration of motor vehicles: the penalty is PHP 2,000.
unregistered vehicle fine
Unregistered vehicle penalty LTO

Unregistered vehicle involved in an accident Philippines

If the vehicles in an accident are unregistered, the authorities will have trouble tracking it. In this case, the violators will have to pay a fine of PHP 5,000.

Unregistered vehicle fine: FAQs

Can an unregistered vehicle be insured?

No, you can’t. When you buy insurance, to complete all the work paper, you need to submit several documents, including a certificate of registration that proves your vehicle is registered in the Philippines and that it belongs to you.

How much is the penalty for late MV registration?

For each week of late registration, the penalty is PHP 200. If the registration is late for months, the fine will be half the MVUC.

Is it possible to have the next registration done at another LTO branch?

Yes, of course, you can. But this will cost you a PHP 100 charge of change of venue of the registration.