Windshield Replacement Price In The Philippines And How To Fix A Crack Yourself

Windshield Replacement Price In The Philippines And How To Fix A Crack Yourself

April 16, 2021 0 By onroadtips

If you are reading this post, it means there’s a chip or crack on the windshield of your car. It’s such a hassle because when something’s wrong with your car, you need to get it fixed as soon as possible to limit negative impacts on your driving safety. With that in mind, we will now discuss windshield replacement price Philippines.

What is the windshield used for?

Have you ever wondered why cars have windshields? Is it strange that a car can have no roofs but it must definitely have a windshield? Onroadtips will show you the reasons .

Protect you from foreign elements

On the road, there are a lot of things that may hit your face like birds, bugs, rocks, dust, dirt, and wind, of course. The windshield prevents all of these things from touching your face, making it possible for you to keep your eyes open all the time and avoid injuries.

Prevent you from being thrown out of the car

Unless you get in a massive collision, the windshield should stop you from flying from the car due to a devastating impact. When you hit another vehicle or an obstacle, you are safe behind the windshield as it actually absorbs the force from your forward motion.

Windshield Replacement Price Philippines
What are the benefits of the windshield?

What causes a windshield to crack?

As we mentioned above, many things and hit the windshield as you drive; if the object is large enough or if the force is big enough, it can crack your windshield.


These are the most common cause of windshield cracks as tires of the cars running in front of you often pick them up and shoot out from their back at your windshield. They can result in minor cracks and chips but with enough speed and size, they can even go through the glass.


A bird can weigh from 1 to 13.5 kilograms, and they sometimes fly low or do not notice your car approaching. In such cases, they can strike the windshield on your car, cracking or shatter the glass.


Bugs are generally small but there are big ones that can damage your windshield if they hit at a high speed.

Road debris or litter

Many people may throw trash out of their cars, resulting in all kinds of debris flying freely on the road. When leftovers are tossed out of the window, they can become high-speed dangerous objects hitting your windshield.


These are among the most common things to crack your windshield. For example, a contractor with loose cargo tend to drop boxes containing offending items that can create minefields on the road and hit your windshield at a high speed.

Windshield Replacement Price Philippines
What can leave a chip or crack on your windshield?

Types of crack

Cracks on a windshield are divided into several types, including the following:

  • Bull’s eye: it forms a circle crack on the glass, often caused by balls or small, circular objects.
  • Star: this indicates cracks originating from an area of impact. From the crack, there are lines expanding that will get longer if not treated.
  • Pit: this type of crack is similar to the moon’s craters as a result of sanding.
  • Crack chips and dings: these are as large as a 1-peso coin.

How to repair crack on windshield

If the crack on your windshield is minor, you can fix it at home by yourself following these steps:

  • Step 1: Spray a microfiber towel with window cleaner and wipe it on the window. Remember not to spray the cleaner directly on the crack.
  • Step 2: Pick out loose glass using a poker, you can also spray compressed air to disperse pulverized glass.
  • Step 3: Arrange and set the suction cups, bridge, stickers or provided device.
  • Step 4: Now, the resin injector must be arranged above the chip and pressed onto the intended section of glass.
  • Step 5: Drop in the resin.
  • Step 6: Draw all the air out of the chipped glass.
  • Step 7: Cure the resin with UV light or sunlight.
  • Step 8: As soon as the crack is filled, you need to roll the extra resin into the divot remaining after the filling process.
  • Step 9: Now, put a piece of plastic on the resin and ensure there aren’t any bubbles.
  • Step 10: Press horizontally on the corner of the piece of plastic to remove it without pulling the resin out.
  • Step 11: Scrape the excess resin carefully with a razor blade.
Windshield Replacement Price Philippines
Windshield Replacement Price Philippines

What is the windshield replacement price Philippines

If the crack is too big and severe on the windshield, you had better have it replaced at an auto shop. The exact cost of windshield crack repair Philippines is determined by the brand and model of the car (how rare or popular is it) as well as the reliability of the shop. In general, the replacement expense can range from PHP 5,000 to over PHP 70,000 depending on your own car.

You can also replace the windshield at home on your own if you can and want to, but that involves buying a windshield repair kit Philippines. Plus, you need to have a certain understanding of this task.

Overall, in this post, we have discussed the causes of types of cracks on the windshield. It’s hard to determine a range of windshield replacement prices in the Philippines, but you can already get the idea of how much you may have to pay to have your car’s windshield replaced. Regardless, you should replace the glass as soon as possible so you can drive safely.