Yellow Line And What You Are Allowed Or Not Allowed To Do With It

Yellow Line And What You Are Allowed Or Not Allowed To Do With It

May 31, 2021 0 By onroadtips

The yellow line on the road is one of the most important road markings that you need to pay attention to when driving on the road. Also, there are some types of yellow lines used in the Philippines and you need to understand their meaning clearly so you can drive properly and avoid troubles. 

Double solid yellow line meaning

This line is drawn in the middle of the road. When you see them, you must not pass another vehicle or overtake another lane at any time. You will often see this yellow line on the road with a lot of blind curves that prevent you from seeing oncoming vehicles from the opposite direction. This line is also commonly used on highways or on roads where it’s dangerous to overtake a lane. 

Double solid yellow line
Double solid line

Solid yellow line with broken lines

This type of yellow lines on the road shows that you can overtake a lane only if you are driving on the side of the broken line. This line is used on roads where the view is limited on one side but clear on the other. 

On the other hand, if this line appears on a two-way multi-lane road, it means the line is dividing two opposing lanes. In this case, the broken lines are used to divide the opposite lanes into smaller ones. 

Meanwhile, there is a smaller lane close to the line in the middle, which is the passing lane. You are not allowed to drive on this lane unless you are overtaking another lane. 

Solid yellow line with broken lines
Solid line with broken lines

Single solid yellow line

When you are driving on a road with this line, you are not allowed to overtake another lane until the road is completely clear. If it’s a two-way road, the line also serves as a divider between two opposite traffic paths. 

At the same time, a solid yellow line on EDSA also marks the bus lane. And at intersections, the line reminds people to stay on their lanes. 

Single solid yellow line
Single solid line

Yellow line at parking lots

At parking lots, the yellow line indicates parking slots and limits the space in which you can park your vehicle. You have to park within the lines instead of crossing it as this ensures a proper space between every two vehicles. Especially, if the lines are angles, you have to park at the corresponding angle as well. 

Line at parking lots

In general, the yellow line on the road does not allow for overtaking lanes. So when you see this line, you better keep driving in your lane until you see a broken line. Also, remember that these markings are created with the purpose of maintaining safety on the road, so follow them or you take the risk of putting yourself and others in danger.